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Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos is a leading London - based consumer and business psychologist of global renown. Implementing his trusted expertise in the fields of academia, consultancy, media commentary and art advising, he uses science to provide solutions for business challenges, helping understand how people connect with certain brands and services - and, crucially, why.

A lecturer at University College London, Dr Tsivrikos was the first person to establish the field of consumer psychology in the UK and understood at an early stage how making the connection between communications, economics and psychology can help business.

Consumers are increasingly cynical and believe much less in the theatre of branding. Dr Tsivrikos expertly and influentially uses psychology to work out what people want and think in order to build things that are long lasting and more absorbing. We know what and we know when, but we don’t know why. Dr Tsivrikos believes that psychology offers that why.

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